people's wall

D&AD, Conceptual Campaign

Insight: People are losing touch with the real world because of the digital world.

Imagine taking something soley online and digital and making it tangible with paper! Well that's what a group of creatives and I did for the Arjowiggins D&AD brief. We decided to make Facebook a tangible experience. We came up with the 'People's Wall'. The idea was to create real life Facebook 'walls' where people could comment, with small pieces of 'comment' paper, on a status placed on the wall. The status would focus on something happening around the world. The walls would go up for 24 hours, occurring in different places on different days. During these 24 hours a live feed of the wall and directions to it will be up on Facebook for people in the region to see. At the end of the year, when potentially 100's of different walls would have been put up and taken down, a book, called 'The Facebook' will be created. This book will be a collection of the top wallposts from around the world. The book will be sold online, at Amazon books and the funds will go to the World Literacy Foundation, to help those who aren't fortunate enough to know how to read.